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Makeup trick for beginner

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

1. Make Sure Your Primer Complements Your Foundation.

Whether oil or water, your primer and foundation should share the same base; otherwise, they will repel each other or just slide off your face, making it difficult to blend. A good start guarantees a good finishing, so ensure to effortlessly blend the primer and foundation for a clean and subtle look.

2. Make Crow’s Feet Disappear.

Dabbing a little amount of primer around your eyes dramatically minimizes the appearance of crow’s feet. Marin McCarthy, a professional artist and founder of Marin Eve Makeup, recommends using a hydrating primer instead of a silicone based product like pore-filling primers and says, “ Less product is more around the eye area especially on thinner skin with fine lines. If you need more coverage, work in thin layers. My trick with mature under eyes is: moisturizer, moisturizing primer, thin layers of concealer ( no foundation underneath) and a small amount of loose powder pressed into the skin with a powder puff.”

3. Choose The Right Brush.

The result of any makeup product largely depends on the applicator, and this is especially true for powders. Always use the fluffiest brush you can find to put your powder on for best results.

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